Czech-Norway Pilot CCS Study


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About project

Main objective of the project “Study of CCS Pilot Technologies for Coal Fired Power Plants in the Czech Republic“ is to develop complex comparison (technical and economical) of three basic methodologies for CO2 separation (CCS) integrated into energetically sources in Czech Republic environment:

  • pre-combustion (separation of CO2 before combustion)
  • oxyfuel (separation of CO2 after combustion with oxygen)
  • post-combustion (separation of CO2 after combustion with air)

Project of CCS pilot technologies is going to extended outcomes from the previous project “…”. In terms of this project was designed basic process schemes of CCS technologies based on post-combustion method with ammoniac purification of the fuel gas and on oxyfuel method for burning of lignite. These schemes were integrated into model of basic process technology.

Afterwards the economic aspects of CCS application with these techniques were evaluated and its influence on operating indicators of power plant and on efficiency of and price of producing electricity.

CCS pilot project will complete the research by so far unsolved technologies, by pre-combustion CCS technologies focusing on the absorption of CO2 by suitable solvent and on condensation of CO2. And will create a comprehensive overview of the potential usage of CCS in Czech conditions.

The result will be a complex study of the application of CCS technologies for coal fired power plant, which enable their operational and economic comparison and recommendation of the most suitable solution.

A secondary objective of the project is to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between the Czech Republic and Norway through the consideration of CCS technologies.