Czech-Norway Pilot CCS Study

Intiative – NF-CZ08-BFB-1-018-2016 – Joint discussion seminar of projects supported by Norway Grants 2009-2014, CZ08 programme

Initiative Name: Joint seminar of participants supported by Norway Grants, programme CZ08, during the conference GHGT-13 in Lausanne, Switzerland

Initiative No.: NF-CZ08-BFB-1-018-2016

Time of plan implementation of initiative: 13th November – 15th November 2016

Initiative budget: CZK 193 000,–

A number of participants:

Partners: 2 (Czech Technical University in Prague – Czech Republic, SINTEF ER – Norway)

Person of participants: 3 (CTU in Prague) – technical and administrative support of seminar

Number of involved partners on seminar organisation:   6

  • CZ08 programme operator – Ministry of Finance CR
  • CZ08 programme partner – Ministry of Environment CR
  • Partners of projects supported by CZ08 programme
    • Czech Norway Pilot CCS (NF-CZ08-OV-1-003-2015)
    • REPP-CO2 (NF-CZ08-OV-1-006-2015)
    • HITECARLO (NF-CZ08-OV-1-005-2015)
    • ShaKE-CCS (NF-CZ08-OV-1-004-2015)

Summary of this initiative:

The present initiative is aimed at deepening cooperation between the involved participants of CZ08 programme, Norway Grants 2009-2014, between project partners and the organisations and institutions active in the field of CCS technology, contributing to activities of the GHG Program of International Energy Agency (IEA-GHG).

The seminar is organized on the occasion of the international conference GHGT-13 in Lausanne, Switzerland, on account of the use of the presence of key reputed organizations/individuals from international community CCS to enhance the effectiveness and impact of knowledge sharing and collaboration and to emphasize the publicity projects funded from Norway Grants by presenting their results.

Involved participants of CZ08 programme are programme operator (Ministry of Finance CR), programme Partner (Ministry of Environment CR) and grant  beneficiaries – the researchers of projects supported by CZ08 programme, namely Czech-Norway PilotCCS Study (CTU in Prague-applicant), REPP-CO2 (CGS – applicant), HITECARLO (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague- applicant), ShaKE-CO2 (Masaryk University – applicant) and their projects partners from Czech Republic and Norway (SINTEF, IRIS).

The main activity of initiative is preparation, organization and implementation of discussion seminar „Cooperation Between the Forerunner and follower Countries in CCS research: The Example of Norway and the Czech Republic“, which will be held in Lausanne as a related conference events of Green House Gas Technology conference (GHGT-13) on 14th November 20016, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The seminar will be prepared in cooperation with organisers (CTU in Prague, CGS, programme operator – Ministry of Finance CR) and will involve the participation of all four projects of the CZ08 programme and their Norwegian partners. The organisers invite representatives from relevant Norwegian and International institutions (eg. NRC, Global CCS Institute).

The preliminary program of the seminar is in Annex this request. It is expected the participation of about 40 representatives from the project partners, public sector representatives from the Czech Republic and Norway and GHGT-13  conference participant

Related projects support from Norway Grants – CZ08 programme:

I. Project name: A study of pilot CCS technologies integration into fossil fuel power plant in the Czech Republic

I. Project No.: NF-CZ08-OV-1-003-2015

II. Project name: Preparation of a Research Pilot Project on CO2 Geological Storage in the Czech Republic – (REPP-CO2)

II. Project No.: NF-CZ08-OV-1-006-2015

III. Project name: Research of high-temperature CO2 sorption from flue gas using carbonate loop (HITECARLO)

III. Project No.: NF-CZ08-OV-1-005-2015

IV. Project name: Carbon Capture & Storage – Sharing Knowledge and Experience (ShaKE-CCS)

IV. Project No.: NF-CZ08-OV-1-004-2015

Initiative materials:

Presentations (1 part):

Presentation (2 part – discussion panel):