Czech-Norway Pilot CCS Study


Initiative Name: Mezinárodní konference – 3rd Post Combustion Capture Conference (PCCC)

Initiative No.: NF-CZ08-BFB-1-012-2015

Time of plan implementation of initiative: 6th– 13th September 2015

Initiative budget: CZK 370 540,–

Number of participants:

Partners: 2 (Czech Technical University in Prague – Czech Republic, SINTEF ER – Norway)
Person of partners: 4

Summary of this initiative:

The goals of this initiative is gaining and sharing knowledge and experience in design and assessment of power facilities focused on CCS technologies with participants of an international conference 3rd PCCC conference (PCCC). This conference is held in Regina, Canada from 8th to 11th September 2015.

This conference is organized under the patronage IEAGHG (IEA Greenhouse Gas R & D programme) research programme of IEA organization (International Energy Agency).

The conference will present the results and outcomes of research, development and industrial application of CCS technology, focusing on technology for CO2 separation from the combustion processes. The Conference will include a special section, which will be presented experiences from real operation demonstration unit for CO2 separation from flue gases at Boundary Dam (http://saskpowerccs.com/ccs-projects/boundary-dam-carbon-capture-project/). The excursion to the Boundary Dam facility will be part of this conference.

Additional information about conference can be found on the conference website (http://www.ieaghg.org/conferences/pccc/52-conferences/pccc/470-3rd-post-combustion-capture-conference)

Part of this initiative is the presentation of the papers. The paper will present partial results of project NF-CZ08-OV-1-003-2015 which is supported by Norway Grants 2009-2014.

This project presentation (publicity) at the international conference will increase the prestige of this project will allow consult procedures and solutions with experts from the American continent (particularly the USA, Canada, etc.) and expand opportunities for further cooperation between the project partners and industry and academic institutions focusing on CCS Technology for fossil resources in this area, i.e. increase the efficiency and potential subsequent sustainability research project.

Possibility of excursions (or obtaining operational information, knowledge and experience) of the device with application of technologies for CO2 separation will allow more precise analysis of their application for the Czech Republic and to outline directions for further research and development work for their deployment on real power equipment.

Initiative will be attended by four representatives of the applicant and project partner from the Donor State (SINTEF ER).

Related project support from Norway Grants – CZ08 programme:

Project name: A study of pilot CCS technologies integration into fossil fuel power plant in Czech Republic

Project No.: NF-CZ08-OV-1-003-2015

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