Czech-Norway Pilot CCS Study

Initiative – POWER GEN ASIA 2015 conference – NF-CZ08-BFB-1-010-2015

Initiative name: POWER GEN Asia conference

Initiative No.: NF-CZ08-BFB-1-010-2015

Time of plan implementation of initiative: 30th August – 5th September 2015

Initiative budget: CZK 129 385,–

Number of participants:

Partners: 2 (CTU in Prague – Czech Republic, SINTEF ER – Norway

Persons of partners: 2 from CTU in Prague

Summary of this initiative:

The goals of this initiative is gaining and sharing knowledge and experience in design and assessment of power facilities focused on CCS technologies with participants of an international conference Power Gen Asia 2015 (PGA 2015). This conference is held in Bangkok, Thailand from 1st to 3rd September 2015.

PGA 2015 is one of the most prestigious international conference will focus on issues of energy systems (power facilities), and in particular the high participation of industrial and academic institutions from around the world.

Additional information about conference can be found on the conference website (http://www.powergenasia.com/index.html#showcase_2) Asian industrial and scientific research centres are leaders in research activities in the field of energy systems (power facilities) including new trends such as CCS technologies.

Part of this initiative is the presentation of the paper named Alternative Utilization of Waste Heat Streams in Pre-Combustion CCS IGCC Power Plants. The paper will present the partial results of project NF-CZ08-OV-1-003-2015 which is supported by Norway Grants 2009-2014.

This project presentation (or Project publicity) at the international conference will increase the prestige of this project and will allow consult procedures and solutions with experts from the Asian continent (China, Japan, Korea) and expand opportunities for further cooperation between the project partners and industry and academic institutions dealing with CCS technology fossil resources in this area, i.e. increase the efficiency and potential subsequent sustainability research project.

Related project support from Norway Grants – CZ08 programme:

Project name: A study of pilot CCS technologies integration into fossil fuel power plant in Czech Republic

Project No.: NF-CZ08-OV-1-003-2015

Initiative materials: